Hypertherm High Definition Plasma Systems (more information)

Farley Laserlab offer a rage of Hypertherm plasma system options, including the high definition range of HPR130XD, HPR260XD and the new HPR400XD capable of piercing 50mm thick steel and edge starting 80mm thick steel.




Farley Laserlab PDF-TS touch screen controller (more information)

Farley Laserlab use their own touch screen CNC controller solely designed for Farley CNC plasma cutting and drilling machines.










Farley Laserlab Triple Oxy cutting head (more information)

The Farley Laserlab triple oxy/fuel cutting head is able to set the head and cut triple oxy/fuel preparations faster and more accurate triple edge preperations.





Hypertherm ArcWriter marking system

The Hypertherm ArcWriter is a great plasma marking option and is available on the whole CNC plasma cutting machine range from Farley Laserlab.




Farley Laserlab raise/lower water table

The Farley Laserlab raise/lower water table allows the operator to adjust the height of the water and gives good control as well as excellent cooling and minimises fumes from the plasma system.






Farley Laserlab Fume Extraction Table  (more information)

The Farley Laserlab fume extraction table is separated into 1 meter sections that are opened and closed as the machines beam moves along the table. This always ensure adequate suction within the cutting area.



SigmaNEST - Nesting and CAM software

All Farley Laserlab machines both plasma and laser can be supplied with SigmaNEST nesting and CAM software as standard.



Drilling and Tapping Head (more information)

Farley Laserlabs new drilling and tapping heads for both Trident and Magician plasma cutting machines.  Turn your standard plasma cutter into a plate processing machine with drilling and tapping capabilities.







Donaldson Fume Extraction Units

Donaldson Fume Extraction Units can be purchased directly from Farley Laserlab. The two units that go well with with Farley machines are PowerCore and UltraWeb filters.