Contour DM


The proven, reliable and affordable laser cutting system, with automatic transfer table and excellent accessibility.

The Farley Laserlab Contour DM provides Laser cutting at a repeatable high performance level, with gantry structure, cast Al beam and double side rack and pinion driving system, which supply the machines with high dynamic response speed and 1G acceleration to make sure the corner cutting quality.  Exceptional mechanical design, time proven worldwide supported  Siemens 840D control system and German made speed reducer and matched skew gear moving structure are some of the many featured that allow for the machines' single axis maximum running speed up to 120m/min and max. combined speeds up to 165m/min while maintaining stability and precision.

The Contour DM can process plate up to 2m (6') wide and 6m (12') long in one set up, and can be programmed to automatically transfer new material to the processing station via the fully automated transfer table.



Configuration and Cutting Performance

                                                                            DM3015                                  DM4020                            DM6020

Working Table Size:                                       1.5m*3m                                  2m*4m                            2m*6m      


Max. Loading (KGS):                                         >1250                                       >2000                             >1250                 


Max. Profiling Speed (m/min):                                40                                             40                                     40


Max. Single Axis Running Speed (m/min):        100                                          100                                     120


Max. Acceleration:                1G


Accuracy on Axis:                 +/-0.025mm


Repeatability:                         +/-0.01mm


Material Thickness:               Up to 20mm mild steel, 10mm Stainless and 8mm Al Alloy depending on laser resonator type selected



Bearings / Rails:                      Linear bearings

Drive System:                            Dual side helical rack and pinion with Siemens AC servos

Beam waist compensation:    Moving carriage constant beam length system


HMI / CNC:                               Farley Laserlab / Siemens 840D

Screen:                                     24" Touch Screen

Communication:                     Ethernet LAN

Laser Options

Slab Laser:                              Rofin DC010 to DC040, 00 Mode Diffusion cooled Slab Laser

Fast Flow:                                CP4000 Fast flow Laser, PRC 1-4Kw Laser


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