Profile Plus Revamped- New

The Farley Laserlab Profile Plus is a new laser cutting machine  that delivers an affordable laser cutting solution at an unmatched price.



Contour DM

A fast laser cutting system providing reliable and accurate cutting with automatic transfer table. 





Contour LM

A high speed linear driven Laser cutting system that has the edge on the competition, offering flexibility, easy materials handling & high accuracy for faster, cheaper parts.





Wide area laser cuttting system. The WALC can cut plate up to 25mm thick, 6m wide and 50m long in one set up





W.A.L.C -  Laser Bevel Head - NEW

WALC Wide Area Laser Bevel Cutting Machines by Laserlab are designed special for beveling cutting thicker materials with bigger sizes.






GF 3015 - CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine - NEW

GF 3015 is equipped with IPG 1KW fiber laser, plus German BECKOFF control.





DF 3015 - CNC Fibre Laser Cutting Machine - NEW

DF 3015 is the new fast paced Fibre Laser Cutting Machine, designed for laser workshop who require extremely fast cutting.