Plasma cutting, Drilling and Milling advantage

The Fabricator XRP advantage

Comparison between the manufacturing process of a simple plasma cut, drilled and tapped flange that could be applied to any multi processed part.

The part could included all or a combination of the following: drilling, tapping, pin stamping, milling, oxy/fuel cutting, oxy/fuel bevel cutting plasma marking, plasma cutting and plasma bevel cutting.

Traditional manufacturing process

Standard plasma and drilling manufacturing process


Fabricator XRP manufacturing process

Fabricator XRP plasma and drilling manufacturing process                   PRODUCTIVITY GAIN = 60%


What does the Fabricator XRP advantages mean for your business?


Reduced cost of production:

  • Reduce materials handling (parts are finished within the one setup)
  • Reduce operator error (all processes are applied from one true datum)
  • Reduced overhead costs (less machines needed)
  • Reduced labor costs (less operators needed)
  • Reduced programming (parts are produced from the one machine)
  • Reduced time per part (parts are produced faster and more efficiently)

Competitive advantage:

  • Shorter lead times (work can be won on the promise of a quick delivery)
  • More flexible processing (offer services your competition can not)
  • Value adding (drilling a few holes may mean your customer doesn't have to)
  • Better quality parts (produce better quality parts faster than your competition)


  • Higher return on investment (increased charge out rates)
  • Lower cost of ownership (one machine can do the job of many machines)
  • High productivity (more parts per hour)
  • More satisfied customers (greater market retention)