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Hypertherm Plasma Consumables

Farley LaserLab Australia is an Official O.E.M Channel Partner of Hypertherm and therefore get the best priced genuine consumables in Australia, which we pass directly onto our customers.

We stock close to half a million in spare parts and consumables, so if you need something quick and to save money, contact farley laserlab on sales@farleylaserlab.com.au for your Hypertherm Plasmas Pricelist.


Latest Hypertherm High Definition Plasma Consumables*

New* Hypertherm XPR170 Plasma

New* Hypertherm XPR300 Plasma

Hypertherm HPR130XD Plasma

Hypertherm HPR260XD Plasma

Hypertherm HPR400XD Plasma


Latest Hypertherm Mechanized PowerMax Plasma Consumables*

Hypertherm PowerMax 45 & 45XP Plasma

Hypertherm PowerMax 65 Plasma

Hypertherm PowerMax 85 Plasma

Hypertherm PowerMax 105 Plasma

Hypertherm PowerMax 125 Plasma

Hypertherm MaxPro 200 Plasma


Earlier Model Hypertherm Plasma Consumables*

Hypertherm HPR130 Plasma

Hypertherm HPR260 Plasma

Hypertherm HPR400 Plasma

Hypertherm HD4070 Plasma

Hypertherm HT2000 Plasma

Hypertherm HT4001 Plasma

Hypertherm HT4400 Plasma



Hypertherm SilverPlus* Electrodes
Copper Electrode Vs. Silver Plus
SilverPlus Consumables
Hypertherm Genuine Consumables
Hypertherm Consumable Packs
Hypertherm Genuine Consumables


Latest Machine Sales

Follow all the latest machines to be sold in Australia, and check for yourself the quality that you could use to help you improve your business.

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