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Farley MARVEL Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Farley LaserLab's Marvel Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, is the latest machine in our range - now introducing the Latest *Australian ANCA CNC Controller, with again Farley LaserLab supporting Australian manufacturing and give you that piece of mind to get dual local support, rather than buying direct from China or having a German Machine (That is made in China) that only one company can support and will charge you very high service fees.


Machine Details:

The Marvel Fiber laser cutting machine by Farley Laserlab adopts a gantry-motion structure, linear guide and screw drive, AC servo motor and drives, dual-side fume extraction system that delivers high performance laser cutting quality by equipping with a world leading RAYCUS-2200W fiber laser source. Not only it is highly recommend for carbon steel cutting, but also excellent for SS plate, aluminum alloy plate and copper plate cutting.


DF Plus Technical Data


CNC Controller *Australian ANCA Controller
Cutting Widths 1.5m (up to 3.2m)
Cutting Length 3.0m (up to 10.0m)
Transfer Table 1.5m x 3.0m (up to 3.2 x 10.0)

8.5m x 2.3m x 2.0m (Machine)

9.5m x 4.3m x 2.5m (Cover)

Rapid Traverse up to 100m/min
Accuracy ± 0.05mm
Repeatability ± 0.03mm

Material Thickness

(Raycus 2200W)

16.0mm Mild Steel

6.0mm Stainless Steel

6.0mm Aluminium

5.0mm Brass

3.0mm Copper

Material Thickness

(Raycus 3300W)

20.0mm Mild Steel

10.0mm Stainless Steel

10.0mm Aluminium

8.0mm Brass

5.0mm Copper

Material Thickness

(Raycus 6000W)

25.0mm Mild Steel

16.0mm Stainless Steel

12.0mm Aluminium

10.0mm Brass

8.0mm Copper



 Farley Marvel Fiber Laser Machine
Raycus Fiber Laser Source


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